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The 5th Way

Creating moments of awe and beauty that engender love for self, others, and the world

A 5th Way session is a powerful, transformational experience that guides you through a deeper understanding of how you create your reality, who you are, and how you can design your life. Blending our unique methodology with our expert knowledge of phytotherapy, our highly trained facilitators lead you through a unique 6 hour event, providing you with key experiences and a deep understanding of the components of exploring consciousness, awareness, and discovering a deeper sense of wellbeing. We will introduce concepts that we call, the key components of our Creation Methodology. These are tools, skills, maps, and tasks. Through understanding these concepts, you will breakthrough to a place where all things are possible. Life is a game. Give it all you’ve got and come play!

Most people prefer to come once a month or bi-monthly, but the program is designed to be flexible. If you are in a period of desiring exponential change you may want to come more often. We do recommend at least 6 sessions a year, but we also understand this isn’t always possible. One on one sessions are available to delve deeper into your personal process. After you sign up, if you do not already have a facilitator you would like to work with, our team will reach out to you and match you with one of our experts. Come join us for a revolutionary way of exploring self and the meaning of life!

The 5th Way Program: Methodology of Creation

Most methodologies currently practiced are based on liberation therapy. You find what isn’t working and correct it so you are liberated from the thing perceiving to cause all the trouble. Yet we often find we are still repeating the same patterns somewhere in our life. Even when we have great epiphanies in this kind of process, we have a very hard time holding them.

What makes The 5th Way different from other programs? We are not here to liberate you. We are not here to determine what is wrong with you. We don’t start with the notion that you are broken and need us to fix you. Our unique Creation Methodology engages you and guides you so that you have more choices and understanding about how to create your best life. Together, we create the environment where all possibility opens up. Design your own life, play, and live fully!

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Indigenous Wisdom

Ingenious cultures have various practices that incorporate experiential rituals as a way of exploring the meaning of life, how that meaning is created, and the narrative that arises from that meaning. The 5th Way’s taps into this ancient wisdom and presents it in a practical, fun methodology that is a step by step, month by month practice of understanding of creating a life that emanates from your deepest heart’s desire and goes beyond what you have previously imagined possible.

Modern Knowledge of Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy is herbal and plant-based alchemy combined with modern day science. Our expert formulators have created a truly unique phytotherapy supplement program to support your body, mind, spirit, and heart as a whole system. Most of us have already been hacked by life’s constant stressors. Let our supplements provide a state of wellbeing so you can bio-hack your life back!