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Feel calm and peaceful. This single plant extract is uniquely designed to naturally create a state of relaxation and a sense of inner-peace.

Baicalin is traditionally used for naturally decreasing anxiety, improving memory, and protecting vital organs.

Ingredients: Baicalin

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3 reviews for Baicalin

  1. Stephanie Johnson

    I haven’t tried it yet but my son Jamie Salay highly recommend it.

  2. Lisa Greenfield

    I find this product to be a gentle reset when my overcrowded world has me tight with stress. The joint pain and muscle aches back off, relaxation is easier and it smoothes out my responses so they don’t come from such a tight, reactive space. I highly recommend it when my body already feels the results of too much tension. It is a light but noticeable difference that feels so good. If you are heavily caffeinated or sugared up you will feel less effects. Then I recommend Heart Daily first to wean you off the adrenalizers before you use this one. Much better results that way.

  3. Marilyn

    I’m happy and grateful to have access to Baicalein as a resource. It works well for my system. I use it when my body feels stressed and / or physical symptoms of anxiety. It helps quiet anxious thinking as well. When my mind is calm, my memory improves. I like that ripple effect, too. Thank you.

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