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As for how The 5th Way has touched me, I can’t think of an area of life it hasn’t touched! It inspired me to move my life here for this community of magnificent, soul-centered and ridiculously fun people! I’ve lost 20 lbs and healed my relationship with food and feel so much self love. I’ve started two new careers and feel aligned in my abundance and work now!! Plus my love life took off after bringing it as an intention to journey. I simply could go on and on… this is THE Work. It’s sometimes intense and I have to constantly choose self-responsibility over my old stories. But wow. So worth it.  
~ Jaime Mintun
The 5th Way has contributed to my life greatly in many ways. I have found a community that celebrates and supports me while also holding me accountable and providing me the space and freedom I desire for my expression. This community and these circles have helped me through some of the darkest times of my life and continue to be a source of connection on my loneliest days. The transformation I have experienced through these circles is monumental and each and every time I leave a journey, I leave with a profound sense of fulfillment that radiates through my being.
~ Maria Torres
Our sacred space has profoundly moved me in so many different ways. More than anything, I would have to say that it helped me to nurture and love myself more fully than I ever have, and continues to help me illuminate my inner guidance and gifts more clearly each day. It’s quite interesting to see the similarities in the problems we all go through.  It’s heartwarming to see and know that you are not alone and other people do share a lot of the same issues and there is always someone willing to help. I feel that for me, it helped me see how to help myself correct old thinking patterns and to release old trauma and pain. Particularly interesting is how much more quickly I feel I’ve been able to progress in our sacred space compared to a variety of other solutions I have explored.  I have had a spectacular year, and a lot of change and opportunity continues to manifest right in front of me.  I’ve found it helpful to broaden my perspective and to open up to others and share in our unique stories so that we can embrace each other even deeper through our collective understanding.  
~ Tory Rock
The 5th Way, among so many things, has given me a deep understanding and trust that I am not alone in this world and that we are all connected in ways beyond comprehension or explanation. The experiences I’ve had and the connections I’ve made through this work have made a profound impact on my life. Through this community and our sacred space, I’ve found a sense of belonging and self worth that I had never been able to find on my own or even through traditional avenues of personal growth. I’ve reconnected with my heart, body and spirit, and with the world around me in deep and meaningful ways. In less than a year, I’ve healed long-buried trauma, found inspiration and focus to drive my career in an entirely new direction, helped others find clarity and grounding in their process, defined my boundaries, become healthier on the inside and out (and lost 30 pounds!) and made friends for life. The support and love provided through this experience has helped me release the things that no longer serve me and see that when we’re in alignment with ourselves, anything is possible.  
~ Stephanie Byer