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“The supplements enhance qualities of consciousness that are already there. In doing that, they provide you access to a way of experiencing yourself, out of which you begin to generate your own meaning.”
-Armand Bytton

Modern Knowledge of Phytotherapy

Created by our world expert formulators, our phytotherapy supplement program combines ancient plant alchemy and modern knowledge of science to support your body, mind, spirit, and heart. Most of us have already sucumbed to life’s constant stressors. Let our supplements support you in providing a state of increased well being and biohack your life back!

How to enjoy the 5th Way Products

Initially, try one at a time and take notes on how you feel. Always start with one capsule initially to see how it feels to you. The effects may be noticeable 20-60 min after taking it.  Plant extracts are not like ‘medicine’ in that they work with your body where it is.  They may feel differently on different days depending on how your own natural chemistry is that day. As you get to know how to work with our products, you will also get a better sense of your own body and you will begin to know which ones you need when.

Eventually, as you understand how they work for you, you can combine them and layer them.