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HtO is a Hydration Transmission Optimization method for enhancing your water with elements lost during common processing and purification techniques. Using unique gem and mineral-filled cylinders (containing a blend of more than one hundred natural compounds such as tourmaline, quartz, zeolite, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and jade), HtO re-establishes a vital balance in your water, returning it to a state that can be more easily absorbed to benefit your body. Just one HtO kit can enhance enough drinking water for a six-person household every day.

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What’s in a kit?
Every HtO kit includes a user manual and four portable gem and mineral filled cylinders measuring approximately 19 mm x 102 mm (0.75 inches x 4.0 inches) each.

How do I start using my kit?
1. Select a container.
We recommend glass, ceramic, or BPA-free plastic containers, up to 12-liter (3 gallon) capacity per kit. For larger quantities, please use additional kits. Do not use ceramic dispensing wells, multi-gallon dispensers, or other systems where water volume is not fixed during the enhancement period.
2. Fill your container with water.
We recommend filtered, purified, bottled, spring, distilled, and alkaline water. Do not use water that is effervescent, carbonated, sugared, flavored, acidic, or has any additives. Note: Remove all previously enhanced water from the container before beginning each new batch.
3. Remove all four cylinders from the box. Gently place the cylinders on the bottom of your container. Note: Keep this box for future uses such as travel or transportation. Always use all four cylinders at the same time to enhance your water.
4. Wait the recommended time while your water is enhanced. Minimum times are shown below. There is no maximum time; enhancement stabilizes once minimums are reached. Note: Enhance your first batch for one additional hour.

Minimum time = 1 hour per liter. (One liter = approximately 1 quart).
For example:
1 liter 1 hour
3 liters 3 hours
12 liters 12 hours
5. Drink and Enjoy!
We recommend drinking 1-2 liters of enhanced water per day.

What people are saying:
I love to drink this water! I was on vacation this past month and did not take the cylinders with me; within two days of drinking other beverages and regular tap water I became very dehydrated and it took quite a while to re-hydrate on non-HtO water. HtO water tastes so much better than tap or bottled! I’m back home now and happily drinking my HtO water. This water is much more refreshing than other kinds of water. – L.F. (Mogadore, Ohio)

Drinking this water has helped me remember to take care of myself, and my life has opened up in the most beautiful, bold way. Here are the differences I believe are attributed to HtO directly: 1) My anxiety level has plummeted, and emotionally, I feel very well balanced. 2) The deep vertical creases between my eyebrows have disappeared. Probably from less frowning and better skin hydration! In this month alone, I’ve had 4 people actually mistake me for being 10 years younger. One was my dentist, who was about 3 inches from my face! 3) I no longer crave sodas. 4) I now crave exercise not to lose weight, but to create beauty with my body. This is a first! – K.V. (Glendale, CA)

My husband and I have been drinking HtO water for more than eight months now, and we are both feeling stronger. I’ve been working more effectively with my personal trainer, who keeps wondering why I can execute moves with greater weight, and I keep telling him it’s the water. I also drink more water than I used to and do not desire anything flavored or carbonated. I am able to work steadily without the fatigue I used to get in the afternoon. I feel very energized and have an overall feeling of well-being. I sleep better at night and wake up rested and refreshed. – L.S. (Vista, CA)

My overall energy has improved, as well as my digestion. I experience greater stillness when I meditate, and my yoga practice has improved substantially. – D.S. (Tucson, AZ)

HtO leaves the water tasting sweet and alive. As a result I am drinking more water than ever before. – C.D. (Oakland, CA)

My chronic bladder infections have significantly decreased since I started using HtO water. – T.C. (Ashtabula, OH)

I’ve noticed that my energy levels are steadier, and a bit elevated. I believe there has been a decrease in my heartburn/acid reflux as well. – R.M. (Milwaukee, WI)

My wife and I drink the water daily. I feel more peaceful, and have not had problems with athletes foot fungus since I started to use HtO water. The crystals have been easy to maintain and use and we’ve appreciated knowing that we are drinking the best water we can. – E.S. (Carmel Valley, CA)

I water my plants with leftover water and they are the healthiest they have ever been! – S.M. (Valley Center, CA)

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