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We are very excited to let you know about a new formula we have developed we call K-Max. This is our newest OTC (over the counter) line within the Kanna family. It is a single plant extract, so the only ingredient is Kanna.  It comes in two different strengths (2 and 8)
The advantage of the loose powder is that you can vary the amount more. Each bottle comes with a small spoon – the spoon has two sides, one that’s smaller and one that’s larger. Within that you can adjust the powder as well (half a spoon etc) and you can control the dosage very clearly.
Serving Size: 30 servings approx.


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Initial feedback and uses:
People taking this are reporting extremely positive experiences. The Kmax is very helpful with alleviating anxiety, and depression.  It’s also a great aid in quieting the mind, meditating and doing mindfulness practices. It is very relaxing and when mixed with a small amount of caffeine- enhances a heart opening/well being feeling. Because it calms you down, it allows for more energy to be available, so if you take it before working out, it can improve your ability to work out- at the same time it will relax you so if you take it before bedtime it can help with sleep. Similarly people taking it who want to lose weight, find it’s easier to stick to their diet and yet, it does not reduce your appetite if you need to gain weight.  It adapts to your needs and allows you to use your energy in a way that aligns with a sense of harmony so you naturally feel good.

Kanna Extract  100% pure


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